Slow Cooker Favourites

'Tis the season of the slow cooker! If you haven't already, break yours out of storage and try one of our most loved recipes.

We love the time savings and make-ahead ability of using slow cookers. When the weather turns cool, it is such a treat to have a hot, comforting meal waiting for you in the slow cooker. Here are four of our most loved recipes from the blog:

Spicy Peanut Chicken- A flavourful comfort food. I've made this recipe with chicken thighs and chicken breasts, and both work well.

Mexican Lentil Soup- This soup has tons of flavour, is packed with nutrition and is so very easy to make! Leftovers make a great lunch and also freeze well.

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken - This method guarantees chicken that is tasty and succulent every time. This time of year, grocery stores often have whole chickens on sale (often less than $7 each), and I love turning the bones and leftover meat into chicken soup!

Our Favourite Slow Cooker Chili - A classic go-to chili. Make a batch in the slow cooker, and freeze leftovers for another quick meal down the road.

You can find more slow cooker recipes from Diaries of a Dietitian by visiting our blog at and clicking on 'slow cooker recipes' along the right hand side.

Natalee, RD