Love for the CSA Box

In the middle of the winter this year, while missing all the fresh food the summer brings, I decided to sign up for a CSA box. I am so glad I did, because now that it has started for the season, I am absolutely loving it!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea is that you pay a flat rate, and then every week (or every other week in my case), you receive a box of locally grown seasonal goodness! In fact, most of the veggies in my CSA box are grown right in my hometown, just 2 or 3 kilometres away from my house. How cool is that!

CSA programs are like a partnership between the grower and the customer. It's good for the grower because it gives them a stable and predictable way to sell their produce, and it's good for the customer who gets super fresh, local, seasonal produce.

Above is a picture of some of the fresh stuff that came in my first box.
Here's what was in my box this week:
-mixed lettuce
-green garlic
-fresh carrots
-baby bok choi

Here's what I'm loving about the CSA box:

  1. I know it will help me eat more veggies and try some new ones. Having veggies delivered right to my front door is a sure fire way to make sure future me will eat her veggies! And while most of the veggies are familiar, I will get to try some new ones too, like the green garlic or the baby bok choi (shown on the left hand side of the photo). 
  2.  It's making me appreciate the produce more. Knowing the farmer that is growing these veggies, and the idea that they're grown so close to home somehow gives me more respect for the food. And although I can't say this for sure yet, I have a feeling I will waste less compared to produce I buy from the grocery store = money savings!
  3. Freshness and taste. These veggies are often picked the very same day they end up on my doorstep, so the freshness and taste is top notch!
  4. Fewer trips to the grocery store. The thing that brings me into the grocery store most often is the need to replenish my supply of fresh produce. Having a bi-weekly delivery of fresh veggies and some fruit will help minimize those extra trips for the fresh stuff. #winning! 

Here's what I made for supper last night- Roasted veggies, fish, and a yummy salad.  4 items came from the CSA box. So simple, and so yummy :)

Would you consider signing up for a CSA program for your family? Check out this directory of some of the CSA programs available in Ontario: