Making Family Meals Happen!

This nutrition month, we’re celebrating the potential of food to bring us together! What better way to come together than over the family meal! Families across the world practice the tradition of eating together…and for good reason! Here’s just a snippet of the many reasons that family meals are so important:

·         Family meals create a sense of belonging for everyone. They offer an opportunity to connect with your kids and spouse, and talk about family happenings

·         Research shows that kids actually eat better overall and do better in school when they have regular meals with their family. Woot Woot!!!

·         Teens are less likely to smoke, use drugs or drink alcohol when there are regular family meals at home
We know that eating together is super important!  For most of us though, busy schedules of work, school, and play, means sitting down together for meals can be a struggle.

If you have made eating together a priority (which we hope you have!), here are some tips to help make those family meals happen. We hope you find them helpful!

·         Frequent is better, but it doesn’t have to be every night. It doesn’t actually have to be at supper time either. Sitting down together for breakfast counts too. Or, have lunch together on weekends (I prefer a very late breakfast, a.k.a. brunch!)

·         Look for a day of the week that is free for everyone, and schedule the meal in. Keep it as an appointment, just like you would a medical appointment or a soccer practice

·         Keep mealtimes fun! Make conversation light and avoid conversations that lecture your child (or your spouse) at the table. Check out these awesome dinner conversation cards to spark some fun conversations with your family:

·         Turn off the devices, and chat! Don’t miss the opportunity to really connect with one another
Here’s some favourite recipes for family-friendly weeknight meals:

Easy Sheppard’s Pie
‘Secret Ingredient’ Mac and Cheese
One Pan Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Casserole

 We would love it if you would share your wisdom with us. Comment to let us know how you make family meals happen in your home!
Natalee, RD