Making Healthy Snacking Easy

This week's tip hopes to help our viewers make the healthier choice the easier choice to make!

Studies show we are much more likely to choose foods that are easily available, ready-to-eat and within our reach.

So to help manage your munchies:

 • Keep nourishing snacks (e.g. hardboiled eggs, cut up veggies, yogurt, nuts/seeds, whole grain crackers) on an eye-level shelf in the fridge, pantry, or at work
 • Put high-fat, high-sugar treats, (such as sweets and potato chips) at the back of the cupboard or fridge so they’re out of sight. Better yet, limit the number of these foods you bring home from the grocery store.
 • Clear kitchen counters of all food except for a bowl of fresh fruit for crunchy snacking.

How do your surroundings help you eat well?