Discover the "Power" of Frozen Grapes

Do you enjoy something sweet after a meal? 

Instead of reaching for a cookie or a piece of chocolate try a frozen grape or two. And please hold the eye roll for the dietitian who just suggested eating frozen grapes instead of chocolate.

Here is how I discovered the “power’ of the frozen grape.

My sister and I were out for dinner and typically I always enjoy the mint, candy or chocolate that comes with your bill. At this particular restaurant we were served two frozen grapes with our bill. So we rolled our eyes at each other and then proceeded to eat the grapes.

The frozen grape provided a couple cold, refreshing bites that were surprisingly really sweet – making it the perfect end to the meal.

All I can say is give them a try. Even having a frozen grape once in a while instead of chocolate is a small change and a healthier way to help manage our sweet tooth. 

Shannon RD
Registered Dietitian