What's for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

How about this cheese & chive omelet served with tomatoes. A few weeks ago I received this picture as a text from my daughter. She decided to make herself something to eat and the picture proved the fruits of her labour (and mine)!

Although technically I played no role in cooking this omelet, I’d like to take some credit for it.

You may recall back in June, I set out to teach my daughter how to cook. We put together a list of foods and dishes she wanted to learn how to make. Since then we have been slowly working our way through the list and she has made 9 of the 24 items with my supervision.

Although we are only a third of the way through the list – I have seen her confidence in the kitchen grow enormously. My confidence in her cooking ability has also grown.

You may notice that an omelet is not on her list and I have not made one with her. We don’t have to teach our children how to make and prepare every little thing. We just need to give them some basic cooking skills and help them to become more confident in the kitchen and then hope they are able to take and use those skills to make and try new things… like an omelet!

Happy Cooking with your Kids!

Shannon RD

Registered Dietitian