Kids ... in the kitchen... Part 2

So last week Hanna and I were discussing what tasks she is comfortable doing in the kitchen. Things like mixing batter for muffins, pancakes and cookies. She can chop, slice and dice some vegetables and fruit and she is able to make grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and French toast. She has used an immersion blender, the microwave, the stop top and basic baking in the oven.

So basically she has some skills but still has a bit to learn.
We came up with a list of foods and dishes she wanted to learn how to cook – which included a cheese soufflĂ©, of all things. I also made some suggestions based on teaching her different cooking methods and using different kitchen appliances.

Together we decided on a goal – from now to the end of the summer we would work on teaching her how to further her cooking skills so come the fall she is able, comfortable and confident to cook simple dinners on her own and maybe one night a week she could do this!!! It is also important as her parents that we also feel comfortable and confident in her ability to do this.

Last week Hanna made dinner from start to finish. I was by her side the whole time talking her through it and giving her safety tips but really she did it all and was so pleased with herself.

She made:
Spicy Peanut Crock-pot chicken (posted on October 8, 2014), whole wheat egg noodles (boiled on the stove top) and frozen green peas (cooked in the microwave).

Safety tips
  • How to clean up after handling raw chicken:
    • Wash your hands with soap and warm water before handling food and after handling raw meat or poultry or their packaging.
    • Wash dishes, cutting boards and counters with hot soapy water and sanitize using a mild bleach solution (1 tsp bleach per 4 cups of water).
  • Checking the temperature of the meat to make sure it is fully cooked. Chicken pieces should be cooked to 74°C (165 °F).
  • Steam is actually hotter than boiling water so be careful when taking a lid off a pot and straining noodles or cooked vegetables – pour your pot away from you. 
Happy cooking with your kids!

Shannon Edmonstone RD
Registered Dietitian