Great Big Crunch





If you hear a loud noise on October 23rd, something that sounds like Godzilla is taking a bite out of a high-rise building, don’t fret, it may be thousands of students practicing healthy eating.

October 23rd 2014 is GREAT BIG CRUNCH day and across Ontario students (and staff!) have the opportunity to add to the BIG CRUNCH. In Perth County schools are supported in the GBC by Huron Perth Eat and Learn, the community partnership that funds student nutrition programs.

The event is deliciously simple, gather all the students together, talk a little bit about why it is important to eat healthy foods, highlight the wonderful variety of apples we have growing right here in Southwestern Ontario and then, with a countdown: 3,2,1 – CRUNCH all together.

Of course students then get to finish the tasty apple, the staff  gets to model healthy eating by joining them, and everyone celebrates getting one of their required fruits and vegetables for the day.

All schools are welcome to take part and for more information they can contact Nancy Fisher, Community Manager of Huron Perth Eat and Learn at (519) 440 0926 or

Some fun resources are also available at

A new idea this year is to encourage businesses, offices and other adult locations to join in with their own GBC. It could be a perfect fundraiser to support your local school and their Student Nutrition Program.
by Nancy Fisher
Huron Perth Eat and Learn