What A Difference A Plate Makes.

 A while ago I saw this cartoon and I started to think about my home situation. 
My husband and I will have been married for 40 years next month. While we don't like to admit it we are both a little larger than we were in our twenties. I went home and looked at some dishes that I had when I got married and the new ones I got this year.  Here is a picture of our dinner served last night on the dishes from 1974 and the same amount served on the new dishes that I bought in January. 
Old dishes and new ones that are 2 inches bigger
You can see that there is a lot more empty space on the plain white plate.  So I must agree with the cartoon that not only has dish sizes increased in the past 64 years so have portion sizes.  Who wants to serve half empty plates?

I also took the opportunity to check out some of my glasses as well.  Here is a picture of the wine glasses we got as a wedding present and the ones we got as a Christmas gift 2 years ago.  I put 125 mls of Cranberry juice in both to see how they would look if I served that to a guest.  
Which glass looks more appealing to you?
 In the small glass it looks fine and in the larger one it looks like I might be stingy to a guest.

If you are worried about where your portions sizes have got to over the years it might  be fun to get out the old measuring cups and see what a half cup of vegetables or a cup and a half of spaghetti looks like on your dinner plate.  In our house we are using the white side plates( which are the same size as the green rimmed one) for dinner plates and leaving the larger ones in the cupboard for a while.