Healthy App Ideas for New Years

Christmas may be over but the celebrating is not! With New Years a few short days away I have switched gears from big festive dinners to thinking about what apps to bring to a New Year’s Eve party.

A friend of mine asked me to post some ideas around healthy apps. So here are some ideas and tips for making healthier appetizers.

Think vegetables and fruit.

Serve as many as you can and look at the other dishes you plan to serve and see if you can add vegetable and fruit to them.

It could be as easy as serving a vegetable and fruit tray or making a garden salad. Or a pasta or brown rice salad loaded with vegetables.

What about adding green pepper and pineapple to meatballs to make delicious sweet and sour meatballs.

Check out our how to video on making a basic meatball (posted November 27, 2013) – usually anything you make at home instead of buying it will be healthier because you can choose the ingredients you use. Meatballs are a great example, if you use extra lean ground beef or ground turkey to make your meat balls instead of regular ground beef you will reduce the amount of fat by 70% per serving.


Try a bean dip like hummus (posted January 30, 2013) .

Or make a creamy dip with a low fat plain Greek yogurt instead of using sour cream and mayonnaise – you’ll reduce the fat and increase the protein and still have a nice thick, creamy dip - try a roasted red pepper dip (see our post on how to roast peppers posted September 25, 2013).

Kebab (always a hit at my house)

You can put almost anything on a stick and people will love it! Seriously!! Another great thing about making kebabs is it's easy for kids to help.

Try a grill vegetable Kebab.

Bruschetta kebab

Fruit and cheese kebab or just fruit

Hawaiian chicken kebab with chicken and pineapple

Or just chicken with a Souvlaki Greek seasoning. 

For making apps healthier remember to include vegetables and fruit, use leaner cuts of meat, and try lower fat dips made with beans or plain Greek yogurt.

Share with us your favorite healthy app.

Shannon RD