Horrific Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just two weeks away. Unlike most years, my kids have already decided on their costumes and have promised not to change their mind.

In addition to dressing up, there are two other things my kids like about Halloween: carving pumpkins and decorating the house. So, we try to stay focused on those three things instead of collecting and consuming candy.

Don’t get me wrong – my kids do go out on Halloween and get plenty of greasy, salty, sweet and chocolate treats. What bothers me is that they get offered the same greasy, salty, sweet and chocolate treats on an almost daily basis from grandparents, teachers, friends, coaches, at school events…even I buy this stuff for them once in a while. So, in my mind, these ‘treats’ aren’t treats anymore; they’re regular fare. The fact is kids will eat healthy foods if you offer it to them. And I think Halloween is a great time to make healthy eating fun.

Here’s a ‘veggie monster’ I brought to a group of kids. I actually brought two monsters along with extra veggies. The only thing left for me to bring home was the plates.

OK - I admit it's not the greatest looking monster but the kids didn't seem to mind.
I found much better looking healthy, 'Halloween-themed' snacks to make just by googling 'images for halloween snacks'. So, if you’re looking for healthy Halloween party food with kid appeal (or just want ideas for making healthy food fun) there are lots of ideas out there. Here are some that I found and plan to try. I picked them because I think they’ll be quick to make and they include food my kids like.


This one comes from http://recipesandremedies.blogspot.ca/2010/10/how-to-make-halloween-healthy-snack.html. The teeth are slivered almonds but you could probably use other nuts or add other nuts for a more rotten tooth look.

I like this pumpkin idea because it could be made in different sizes and would be quick to put together...great if you need to bring something for a class party and are pressed for time. Sliced oranges might work for this as well with grapes for the eyes. This came from Taste of Home at  http://www.tasteofhome.com/Simple---Delicious-Magazine/Fun-Halloween-Food. You'll find out what you need for the pumpkin there along with other fun snack ideas for Halloween.

My kids love hard boiled eggs and I thought these were cute, so I'll definitely be making these. To make these ghostly eggs go to http://www.aholidayhaven.com/2011/10/healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids.html. The site has other interesting snack ideas too.

You gotta love these gory looking fingers. The fingertips are almond slices. You could make blood red nails using red pepper, I think. This idea comes from http://www.superhealthykids.com/healthy-kids-recipes/finger-food.php. The folks at Be Different, Act Normal (http://www.bedifferentactnormal.com/2010/10/healthy-halloween-snacks.html) have an idea for adapting this recipe along with links to other sites with healthier Halloween options.

Happy Halloween!

Michele, RD


  1. Awesome Halloween party ideas in here. There’s too much to prepare for a party! From invitations, decorations, music and especially Halloween Recipes and treats! Gee excited for this year’s Halloween gatherings: D Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!

  2. Yummy, messy fun for kids! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library; you were featured!

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