The Start of a New Year

I always think of September as the start of a New Year. It’s a new grade at school and back to reality and busy schedules after summer holidays. If your kids are involved in extra curricular activities through the week then you understand the “pain” of hearing “what’s for dinner?”

Family dinners should not be a make work project!
To take the stress out of family meals and to never hear “meatloaf again?” follow these simple steps to help plan healthier family meals.

  • First, recognize you don’t need to cook every night for your family to eat a healthy meal – plan for leftovers by doubling a recipe or use a crock pot for an easy meal.
  • Then start with a plan each week before you go grocery shopping. Look at your family’s schedule and decide when you can cook and when you need leftovers.
  • Get each family member to chip in dinner ideas. Use your favourite cookbooks, food magazines, websites or blogs for inspiration.

  • My favourite food magazine

  • Make sure each idea is a healthy meal. Include three of the four food groups from Canada’s Food Guide and as a rule 1-2 vegetables (most Canadians don’t get enough).

  • Write down your weekly dinner menu on the family calendar and use it to make your grocery list.

With your plan in hand - here’s to a week of stress free family meals!
Shannon RD